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Traveling using a public transportation is good because it can save your money more. You absolutely know that price for the transportation is more expensive today. That is the reason why choose the best transportation will help you to arrived in your destination safely. Remember that sometimes crime happened in the bus, train or plane. You have to keep yourself safety by using some tips here. You know that have good self protection is needed. You will never imagine any people you find during your time in bus or train. Everything can always go wrong and you should anticipate it.

Hopefully, the tips here will help you to feel safe along your journey:

  • Be a selective person in choosing the public transportation.

You know that something can happen unpredictable. You can do some important thing like take a look for the physical condition of the bus, train or others. Check for the driver and the card identity. Do not forget to make sure that the bus or train you choose is in a good condition and good track. Check also for the facilities inside the bus or train like the lamp, seat belt, door and others. Write down the number of the vehicle on your text book to anticipate about some bad thing.

  • Well appearance


When you are deciding of using the transportation like bus or train then you should wear the good and decent cloths. Do not wear too opened cloths because you will never know about what others think of you. Some of the crime happened because of the victim wear too sexy pants or blouse. Make yourself in a good condition and do not act like you are alone. Do not be too afraid because it can also invite other people to do some bad thing to you.

  • Do not sleep inside the public bus or train


This will be so difficult to stand awake all long your journey. When you are in the bus or train with economic class you better stay awake. It uses to keep your baggage from theft. You have to know that many people become a victim when they are sleeping. They do not realize when their bags are lost. Do not believe with new people that you know. You do not about them and keep your trust to yourself only.

  • Choose the good seat


Always remember to choose the best seat in transportation like bus or train. You better choose the seat that nearest with door or window. It will help you when something happen. Be confidence but do not too close with others. Make sure that your phone ready to use and keep the important number on. It will be so useful when you have an accident or other bad thing.

Be a good person in public transportation is not too difficult. The thing that you should know is about choosing the good bus or other transportation. Choose the branded one because they usually have better attitude for the driver and staff inside.

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