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When you want to go to some place and use the land transportation you have to choose the good one. Whether you want to go for long or short trip that is will be so important to you. You know that something can happen anytime everywhere and prepare for the worst is the best way. Some countries have different rules about their public transportation. You can compare between one and another service. The price will usually talk much about it. Do some survey will be great for you.


When you want to use bus or train you should know many things about it. Choose the recommended company that delivers their good employee and service. You know that brand is so important because it will give some effect to the public service. Many problems happen in the public transportation is about bad service and the safety. Sometimes the reason is all about money and the working situation that provided by the company. If the boss give the employee good fee, good standard facilities then it will make the employee work well. That is like a simple thing but you have to remember that simple thing mean everything.


The criminal number is increasing in a public transportation. It becomes the bad issue that we should know. To make you comfort then choosing the best transportation is a must. Do not choose the bad bus with bad condition of the body. You have to know about the company of the bus and also the number of the vehicle. Do not forget search for the driver know and identity. Check for the card identity that usually available in the bus or in his neck. Make sure that you know well about the bus company and the background. It will really help you when something happen to you on your way.


Make sure that your land transportation that you choose are in safe way. In some countries they still use the bad condition of bus and train that easily can cause and accident. The good vehicle will have good seat, good air conditioner and also the toilet. For long journey they will also give the passengers some snack, mineral water or meal. In modern transportation, the company will also give it complete with gadget charger and blanket. You will pay the good price for that but of course it will give good feedback to you.

The most important is do searching days before your departure day. It will give you some space when your first choice is not well enough. Check also for the ticket and make sure that the ticket is original. Buy the ticket in the official store or website to anticipate the brokers. If you buy the ticket from the official office then it will be so useful because you will get the formal price. The brokers are often marking up the price so that it will harm you as a customer. Hopefully, those tips for you to choose the good land transportation will help you.

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