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When you come to one place then you should prepare about many things. The big things are not only about money, time and also place to stay but you also need to know about the transportation. Lombok is one of the favorite places for the tourist to come. Many interesting destination that is available in this island that you can visit. Of course, you have to know the route of the place so that you can come to the right place. Some of the place in Bali & Lombok Island may uncommon for you.

When you come from another city far away from Bali and Lombok you do not need to choose plane as the first choice. Of course, traveling using a plane will be so fast and you will feel so comfortable. Remember about the budget then. If you have unlimited budget then it will be fine to use plane. Some of the problem is that the rates of the plane from and to Bali & Lombok are expensive. That is the reason why, choosing land transportation will be so perfect to you. It will also save your money more. Most of place in Indonesia have train as the public transportation and you can use it to come to those island.


Of course, in some part you can use it because Bali & Lombok are in the middle of the sea. You have through the sea by using small boat from the port. You can use the train or bus from your city and then stop it in the port. After that you can choose the speed boat or small boat to Bali & Lombok. Arrived in those island then you can choose land transportation again like bicycle and motorcycle. Those islands are happily to welcome any tourist from around the world. You will find any transportation rental easily with good price.

Using public land transportation will take long time but it will give you different experiences than using a plane. You will meet other people from different city or country. You can have new experiences and share another thing with them. For the backpacker traveler it is such a great thing in life. You may search for the information about each favorite transportation like traditional transportation from each island then try to use it when you come to the place. The price is cheap and you can freely enjoy the scenery from it.


Why Bali & Lombok are famous with bicycle and motorcycle? You have to know that those two big islands are famous with many beautiful and natural places. Most of the local government do not allows visitors to drive any car. In Bali, when you drive motorcycle then it will make you easily to move around from one to another place. Bali is crowded especially in high season and you will waste your time in traffic jam while using a car. In Lombok you can even find any machine vehicle like car and motorcycle except in the city center. You only have a choice to ride a bicycle and enjoy every detail part of the tourist destination that you like.


Land transportation is not that bad as in your imagination. You can still enjoy the journey of your traveling to the Lombok & Bali. You do not need to spend much money too. When using the transportation like this then you do not need to be afraid of the ticket. Bus tickets, train tickets, motorcycle rent and bicycle rent are always available for you anytime you want to buy. They have bigger space for traveler like you. Just get the ticket a days before your traveling day.

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