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When you want to enjoy your vacation in Bali and Lombok, then you will need an appropriate transportation. We have to tell you there are some different options of transportation you can choose in Bali and Lombok. As popular tourist destinations, both islands have everything, from traditional transportation to modern vehicle. Because of that reason, you can choose easily the one that is suitable with your requirements.

Many tourists who come to Bali and Lombok rent motorbike or motorcycle because of its low rate and effectiveness. Motorcycle can easily explore every corner of the island. The tariff of renting motorcycle is much cheaper than car or bus. However, the two-wheel vehicle can only be used by maximum of two person. It means, you need to rent more than one bike if you bring your entire family with you.

That is the reason why car and bus rental becomes a popular place to visit. However, which one is the best, car or shuttle bus? Below, we will try to discuss about it so you will be able to choose the best one.

Rental Car


Renting a car in Bali or Lombok is not like renting car in Europe or US where you can find many big rental brands. Both Bali and Lombok have big rental companies, but you have to know that using them means you have to pay prices far above the odds. We suggest you to not to book any sort of rental package if you have not get to Bali or Lombok. It is better for you to shop around for a car when you get there. In Bali and Lombok you will find “Rent Car” signs everywhere. Most rentals offer the cheapest price for small cars, such as small Jeep and small MPV. We have to tell you that the newer and bigger the car, the higher the price you will get. Some car and bus rentals require you to return the car you use to the place where you hired it and some others will pick the car up at the place you stay.

We suggest you to check it over before you agree to rent a car. Make sure that the condition of the car is well-maintained. Most car rentals in Bali and Lombok do not care about your driving experience. They never ask about your driving license number. If you want to extend the rental service, you just have to make a call and negotiate with the rental company. Commonly, the longer you rent a car, the lower price you will get.

Shuttle Bus


There are many car and bus rentals in Bali and Lombok where you can find tourist shuttle bus. Though it does not venture far off the tourist trail, shuttle bus brings a safe and convenient wat to reach the major sights. Tourist shuttle buses will take you to various destinations in Bali such as Lovina, Padang Bai, Sanur, Ubud, Candi Dasa and many more. In Lombok, you will be able to visit some of the best and popular tourist destinations, such as the city of Mataram, Senggigi beach and also Gili islands. The price you have to pay for shuttle bus is quite cheap, depends on the places you want to visit.

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When you come to one place then you should prepare about many things. The big things are not only about money, time and also place to stay but you also need to know about the transportation. Lombok is one of the favorite places for the tourist to come. Many interesting destination that is available in this island that you can visit. Of course, you have to know the route of the place so that you can come to the right place. Some of the place in Bali & Lombok Island may uncommon for you.

When you come from another city far away from Bali and Lombok you do not need to choose plane as the first choice. Of course, traveling using a plane will be so fast and you will feel so comfortable. Remember about the budget then. If you have unlimited budget then it will be fine to use plane. Some of the problem is that the rates of the plane from and to Bali & Lombok are expensive. That is the reason why, choosing land transportation will be so perfect to you. It will also save your money more. Most of place in Indonesia have train as the public transportation and you can use it to come to those island.


Of course, in some part you can use it because Bali & Lombok are in the middle of the sea. You have through the sea by using small boat from the port. You can use the train or bus from your city and then stop it in the port. After that you can choose the speed boat or small boat to Bali & Lombok. Arrived in those island then you can choose land transportation again like bicycle and motorcycle. Those islands are happily to welcome any tourist from around the world. You will find any transportation rental easily with good price.

Using public land transportation will take long time but it will give you different experiences than using a plane. You will meet other people from different city or country. You can have new experiences and share another thing with them. For the backpacker traveler it is such a great thing in life. You may search for the information about each favorite transportation like traditional transportation from each island then try to use it when you come to the place. The price is cheap and you can freely enjoy the scenery from it.


Why Bali & Lombok are famous with bicycle and motorcycle? You have to know that those two big islands are famous with many beautiful and natural places. Most of the local government do not allows visitors to drive any car. In Bali, when you drive motorcycle then it will make you easily to move around from one to another place. Bali is crowded especially in high season and you will waste your time in traffic jam while using a car. In Lombok you can even find any machine vehicle like car and motorcycle except in the city center. You only have a choice to ride a bicycle and enjoy every detail part of the tourist destination that you like.


Land transportation is not that bad as in your imagination. You can still enjoy the journey of your traveling to the Lombok & Bali. You do not need to spend much money too. When using the transportation like this then you do not need to be afraid of the ticket. Bus tickets, train tickets, motorcycle rent and bicycle rent are always available for you anytime you want to buy. They have bigger space for traveler like you. Just get the ticket a days before your traveling day.

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When you want to go to some place and use the land transportation you have to choose the good one. Whether you want to go for long or short trip that is will be so important to you. You know that something can happen anytime everywhere and prepare for the worst is the best way. Some countries have different rules about their public transportation. You can compare between one and another service. The price will usually talk much about it. Do some survey will be great for you.


When you want to use bus or train you should know many things about it. Choose the recommended company that delivers their good employee and service. You know that brand is so important because it will give some effect to the public service. Many problems happen in the public transportation is about bad service and the safety. Sometimes the reason is all about money and the working situation that provided by the company. If the boss give the employee good fee, good standard facilities then it will make the employee work well. That is like a simple thing but you have to remember that simple thing mean everything.


The criminal number is increasing in a public transportation. It becomes the bad issue that we should know. To make you comfort then choosing the best transportation is a must. Do not choose the bad bus with bad condition of the body. You have to know about the company of the bus and also the number of the vehicle. Do not forget search for the driver know and identity. Check for the card identity that usually available in the bus or in his neck. Make sure that you know well about the bus company and the background. It will really help you when something happen to you on your way.


Make sure that your land transportation that you choose are in safe way. In some countries they still use the bad condition of bus and train that easily can cause and accident. The good vehicle will have good seat, good air conditioner and also the toilet. For long journey they will also give the passengers some snack, mineral water or meal. In modern transportation, the company will also give it complete with gadget charger and blanket. You will pay the good price for that but of course it will give good feedback to you.

The most important is do searching days before your departure day. It will give you some space when your first choice is not well enough. Check also for the ticket and make sure that the ticket is original. Buy the ticket in the official store or website to anticipate the brokers. If you buy the ticket from the official office then it will be so useful because you will get the formal price. The brokers are often marking up the price so that it will harm you as a customer. Hopefully, those tips for you to choose the good land transportation will help you.

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The easiest and the most effective way to go to Gili islands in Lombok from Bali is by fastboat. It is not hard to find fastboat to go to the beautiful islands because many boat operators offer daily transfer from your hotel or the airport to the beach harbor on Gili and Lombok mainland. Most fastboat services give complete services, including pick- up from hotel in Bali, providing shuttle bus to the harbor in Padang Bai or Tanjung Benoa and of course the boat crossing.

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Fastboat is one of the best options you can use if you want to go to Lombok from Bali. There are many fastboat operators in Bali offer a range of fastboats, which means you have the chance to choose the company or operators that suits you best.

However, there are some important things you need to consider when you want to use fastboat to Lombok or Gili islands. The first important thing you have to remember and consider is your location. Where are you planning on being when depart from Bali to Lombok mainland or gili islands? This is a very important consideration because some fastboats start their trip to Lombok from Serangan harbor or Padang Bai Harbor.

Most Bali – Lombok fastboats depart daily from Padang Bai Harbor in Bali. If your location is closer to Serangan harbor, you may want to check the available fastboats which depart from there. If the fastboats depart from Serangan, it means you have to consider that the trip will be longer than if you use fastboats from Padang Bai harbor. It happens because Padang Bai Harbor is much closer to Lombok main island and Gili small islands than Serangan harbor.

The second thing you need to consider is about the time you would like to depart. Some fast boat operators run in the morning and afternoon. However, there are also fastboats which depart from Bali in the early evening. The operators of fastboat to Lombok also relies on the season, especially for companies that serve crossing in the afternoon.


We have to tell you that most popular and reputable fastboats depart from Bali in the morning if the season is good. When the weather or the season is not too well, they usually delay their service and run fastboats in the afternoon.

If you are not a morning person and you want to go to cross the Lombok strait a little later than you can choose late crossing service with fastboats from Padang Bai harbor. You can also find the 10 am pick up service which means that you can start the trip later in the morning.

The next thing you need to consider is the budget. How much money you can spend for crossing is important thing to consider. We have to tell you that the service of fastboat to Lombok is operated by various companies. You will find various prices. Some fastboat operators charge a little higher while some others offer a lower price.


Last thing you need to consider is about the service and reliability. You have to know that most fasboat services to Lombok are safe and reliable because they have been inspected and monitored by the Indonesian government. If you choose expensive boat services, you will have chance to get a better services and accommodation. You can even choose to cross from Padang Bai or Serangan, because the operators will pick you up wherever you are. You can try to compare fastboat rates by online because there are websites where there are lists of fastboat services from Bali to Lombok and Gili islands.

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Long history with good name, Marina Srikandi is one of premier fast boat services in Bali. The fast boat company is established in late 2010 in Bali. However, the owner Mr. Muliadi Sukito has over 35 years of experience and the pioneer of Bali fast boat industry. This fast boat is the first who hold docking right at Senggigi Harbor. It is also the first fast boat company in Bali who launched extra large 90+ seats boat with 2400HP engine.

Originally, Marina Srikandi departs from Padang Bai Harbor – Bali. Today, the fast boat service departs from Serangan Harbor – Bali to serve the route of Serangan –  Teluk Nara – Gili Air – Gili Trawangan. They have two times daily schedules. From Serangan, the first trip departs at 08.15 am and the second trip departs at 01.00 pm. Apart from numerous shuttle routes, they also offers private charter service with various boats in different capacity from 36 to 145 passengers.


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Ganggari Fastboat is a new comer in Bali-Lombok-Gili fast boat service to follow the increasing popularity of Lombok and Gili Islands tourism. The company is self-owned fast boat operator that just started the service at 2016. Although new, the company offers various services for flexible sea transfer from Bali to Lombok and Gili Islands.

The company has several types of fiber made boats with different passenger capacities. The small boat has 20 seats capacity while the medium are 30 seats, 60 seats, and 90 seats boats. The smaller use 100 HP engine while the biggest use 2000HP engine for fast sea transfer that only take 1 and a half hours travel time. The bigger boats come with double decks for bigger capacity and different sailing experience. All boats are new. Due to the new boat, guests will find the comfortable boat interior and modern features as well as powerful engine.


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One of the popular fast boat operators in Bali, Wahana Gili Ocean is fast boat company with years of experience. The operation was started in early 2010 and continued to give reliable daily fast boat service to this very day. The company is based on Klungkung area – Bali while the cruise departs from Padang Bai Harbor to Lombok to Gili Trawangan and return.

The company has long history and keeps on improving. At the beginning, they used small vessel with 32 seats for passengers. Now, they have 60 seats vessel that used daily as the primary boat for sea transfer. In the future, bigger vessel with 90 seats is on the plan.

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