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No one can say no when they have some offering to visit Bali. On the next October you can come to Bali and enjoy the special moment there. The 1000 Baris Jangkang will become the most interesting event that you see. This event will be available in the Nusa Penida Festival 2016. So many interesting activities that you can enjoy. The local and international media will record and capture every moment to share it around the world. Bali Island has so many cultural traditions that still exist until now. That is the reason why this island always full of the tourism from many countries. Bali is unique but full of traditional behavior that becomes priceless moment for some people.


Baris Jangkang dance in Nusa Penida Festival will be surprise you. For about 1000 traditional dancer will dancing this dance. This dance has the big history behind that you should know. Baris Jangkang dance is a symbol about the valor of soldiers in the past time. This dance will show you about the very graceful movement but full of powerful. This dance also has a very high meaning and value in every part. It also has a very special design that will never available in other Balinese dance. The purpose why this dance is danced by 1000 dancer is to conserve from the old generation to the younger one. This is the good way to make this traditional dance long lasting.

1000 Baris Jangkang dancer will dance by wearing Bali traditional cloth. It will also become the moment for you to know more about Bali. To open this event, the local government will invite our beloved tourism minister and the marine minister. They will open this event gratefully. Besides the Baris Jangkang dance, there will be some agenda that you can enjoy. You can enjoy the Nusa Penida touring like Suana Point, sailboat competition, bulk swimming competition, reef transplants, etc. You can also enjoy the performance from the local band and enjoy the Joblar puppet.


Some preparation is done to welcome the tourism to Bali. This Nusa Penida Festival 2016 will also become the good point as the promotion time. Nusa Penida is the good place in Bali Island. You will never feel enough once come there. For you who love to surf then you can enjoy your surfing skill in this place. Nusa Penida has the good spot for the water sport in this beach. You can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater scenery by doing diving. The blue ocean with the colorful fish and reef will make you so happy.

Remember to take care for the place you visit and let the environment well. You can capture the legend from 1000 Baris Jangkang dancer and share it to your friends. You can also enjoy the traditional culinary that available in that event later. For you who come from outside Bali then you should make you schedule long day before the event. Take the date and enjoy the wonderful Indonesia in Nusa Penida.

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Again, good news from Lombok Island is about becoming the host as the international event. During these times, Lombok and Sumbawa are become the good place for them who wants to enjoy the halal tour. And this is the first time for Lombok to become the host of this international event. This moment will become the good time to introduce more about Lombok and all part of Nusa Tenggara Barat to around the world. Few times ago, Lombok also grabs the appreciation for the nomination of the best travel site halal and the best halal honeymoon destination in the world.

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Indonesia is a very rich country that has so many traditional activities that is so unique. On this September 2016, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) has special event named ‘ Festival Tani Nusantara’. This event holds on 23 to 25 September this year. If you love to watch some legendaries group band then you should come to this event. Iwan Fals and Slank is the good performer who will surprise the audience. They will sing some favorite songs on this event. The HKTI ( Himpunan Kerukunan Tani Indonesia ) ask both of super star to come there because they care of the farmer life.

Nusa Tenggara Barat has so many unique culture and tradition. People in this province know well about caring and keeping their environment to stay beautiful. They also know about keeping the tradition to long last. This event will be attended by 15.000 local farmers. The biggest challenge that became an issue today is about keeping the rice fields form the developer who wants to buy it and change it into mall or hotels and other properties. We cannot deny that we absolutely need rice and we should think about the space to make it.


Slank and also Iwan Fals come together to support the local farmer so that they are in high motivation to be the better one. During the events, some agenda will be held on. There will be a good meeting about industrial business, agricultural products, micro products, etc. The visitor can also find more than a hundred stands that will show the product from local farmer and also the culinary.  You can enjoy the traditional food from NTB that will never available in your home town. You can buy some product or food as the souvenir for your family.

Besides that, the farmer will also show the carnival, traditional art from Lombok and some competition. You can enjoy the competition to catch eels, tractor race; duck catch competition and other interesting game. The biggest thing on this event is about grab the MURI  (Museum Rekor Indonesia)  record about the ornamental tractor race.  This event is held in to celebrate the farmer day. For the last activity is about Virgina tobacco harvest as the biggest icon of Nusa Tenggara Barat. This event is the good way to show about the importance of farmer. People need agriculture product in life and we also need the farmer. We should remember that being a farmer is a noble job. We should appreciate them who become a farmer.


Some local and international media also capture for this good moment in NTB. It will become good point to make the tourism more interest to come there. You can try to plowing fields with the buffalo. You can try to help the farmer planting the rice while planting season come. The local people will happily welcome you to do that. The minister of agriculture will be the person who officially opens this event in NTB. Do not wait longer to come and join in every activity.

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New good news for Indonesia is about leaning the cruise ship harbor Australia at Lembar port. Down Princess is the name of the cruise ship. There are about 1959 passengers are in the cruise ship. The crew is about 843. Before come to Lembar, the cruise ship from Australia firstly leaning at Beona Bali port. The management said that the cruise ship come to Lembar because the passengers want to enjoy the Lombok tour. This is the good news because Lombok will be more famous around the world. Some of the travel agent will be ready to serve them and bring the passengers to visit many interesting place in Lombok.


Lombok has the good tourism place and it will become the good point to make the tourism feel comfortable. The travel agent will usually bring them to the small island in Lombok all day long. The leaning of the cruise ship will be less than a day and they should use the limited time as well as possible. Besides visiting the favorite place in Lombok, the Down Princess passengers are also has good time for shopping. They come to the shopping center and buy some unique souvenir original from Lombok like pearl. They are also happily to come to the pottery center in Lombok. The uniqueness from visiting the pottery center is about chance for making pottery itself.

When the passengers firstly out from the cruise ship, the Lombok local people greeted them with showing traditional dance named Beleq. The cruise ship agent prepared well about it. The general manager of Pelindo as the management of the Lembar port said that the moment like this is always success to make the total tourism who come to Lombok increase. During this years for about 12 cruise ship already leaning at Lembar port Lombok.


The greater number of cruise ship that leaned in Lombok means increasing the number of tourists who come there. After visiting Lombok, the Down Princess will continue the voyage to Malaysia. The captain of this cruise ship is Paul Slight. He deliberately brought the cruise ship layover in Lombok for a while. Traveling by using cruise ship is not cheap and the passengers may feel some bored time during the voyage. The one activity to throw away bored feeling is just to visit many interesting place around the world. That will make the budget more and almost all of the cruise ship passengers know about it well.

People think about the luxurious of cruise ship and the glamour life style on it. Of course, not all of the passengers are rich people. Some of them save the money during their lifetime just to come in. Today, the biggest cruise ship has already existed again. The cruise ship starts the journey from the Europe. If you are remembering about the popular film Titanic then the biggest cruise is the duplicate of it. Just prepare for the extra big budget to join the adventure on the biggest cruise ship in this world.

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The charm of the Lombok Island seemed to have no end. PT Marina Del Rey has already applied for a permit of the construction of a port terminal in the Marina Gili Gede for about 5 years. For 5 years waiting in a very long process, it finally happened that the government of Indonesia officially granted the request. Licenses issues by the government are for the construction of a port for the sake of travel. This port will be available in the western part of Lombok Island. Nusa Tenggara Barat pushes the effort of this port with a purpose.


Marina Gili Gede will be the perfect port in Nusa Tenggara Barat. This port will be the place for the yacht to pass. If the permit of the Gili Gede port is officially done then every yacht that will come there will never through the long process. During the time, all yacht that wants to pass there must pass trough long process that is quite difficult. The agent also has to pay quite expensive for the guarantee fee because they will bring tourists to Gili Gede. The guarantee process is the requirements of the immigration and also customs and excise.


In this port later will be available some space as a place to park the yacht. If the yacht can entered the Lombok Island anytime then it will become the tremendous revenue for the tourism industry on the Lombok Island. The layover for every yacht will be different, and as long as it stays in Lombok then the passengers will do a lot of transaction there. It will give good income for the local tourism and local people also the government of Indonesia. To be the permanent cruise ship crossing, the port must have many supporting facilities. PT Marina Del Rey already has the fix and complete design and the next step is about the fixing construction.

To build this port, the investor from Australia gives the money for about a trillion to make it real. There will be available some resorts, hotels, Marina business center and other facilities in the area of 6 hectares. Some problems are available in fixing this plan but the local government pushes their effort in making this real. Today, the permit is officially got and the process will be run soon. When the Indonesian government eventually had given a decision then the ground breaking process will begin immediately.


Nusa Tenggara Barat has so many potential to be the better and the best province in Indonesia. The beautiful scenery will make every tourist who comes there feel comfort. When the promotion is good then it will give good feedback to this province itself. Lombok is always greeted for every tourist from around the world. You can even feel like your home there. This Island has complete public service place to serve you from your first day until your last day. When the Marina Gili gede is completely done then it will give more value for this province and also for the local people.

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