Lombok, the Host of International Halal Travel Fair 2016

Again, good news from Lombok Island is about becoming the host as the international event. During these times, Lombok and Sumbawa are become the good place for them who wants to enjoy the halal tour. And this is the first time for Lombok to become the host of this international event. This moment will become the good time to introduce more about Lombok and all part of Nusa Tenggara Barat to around the world. Few times ago, Lombok also grabs the appreciation for the nomination of the best travel site halal and the best halal honeymoon destination in the world.

Most of the people who ever come to Lombok said that Lombok is the real heaven in this world. Nusa Tenggara Barat is rich in many things that we cannot find in other city. You can still find the traditional village that still stay with the traditional style of life. You can see it from the house and their life style. You can also find the beauty of original pearl that export to the other country in this world. The international Halal Travel Fair 2016 in Lombok takes place in Lombok Raya Hotel. This is the first event with the Halal theme that held in this world.


This International Halal Travel Fair 2016 will be attended for about 312 buyers from local Indonesia and some other countries like Middle East country, Malaysia, India and also Singapore. The buyer will enjoy some halal culinary, halla tourism destination, and halal tour packages. The buyer will also have some business transaction to the local business from Lombok. Besides that, the Lombok local government will ask the buyer to travel around the Lombok Island. They will visit the Narmada garden and also Gili Trawangan. In the end of the tour, the buyer will be hosted by the district Lombok government and Mataram.

The tourism minister will also attend this event. And the Lombok governments will also socialization about local regulation on halal travel. This event will be attended for about 100 general managers from hotels in Lombok. Nowadays, halal tourism is becoming a trend in the world. Although Lombok is a halal island but you still can enjoy many things there well. You can also find special thing like hundreds mosque in Lombok Island. The mosque can be a good religion tour for Muslim. Many historical places in Lombok that will become a special tourist attraction for tourism and you can explore it.


Nusa Tenggara Barat will be known as the halal travel festival and it will be held every year. It will become the good icon of this province. Today, the government still prepares about it and hopefully the event can be done very well. This event becomes the interesting international event that record by many media. Some preparation will make the event and the exhibition perfect because the guest will come from around the world. Indonesia should be the best in greeting them all. If you are interesting, you may also come to NTB and enjoy the event too.

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