Enjoy the ‘1000 Baris Jangkang’ Event in Bali

No one can say no when they have some offering to visit Bali. On the next October you can come to Bali and enjoy the special moment there. The 1000 Baris Jangkang will become the most interesting event that you see. This event will be available in the Nusa Penida Festival 2016. So many interesting activities that you can enjoy. The local and international media will record and capture every moment to share it around the world. Bali Island has so many cultural traditions that still exist until now. That is the reason why this island always full of the tourism from many countries. Bali is unique but full of traditional behavior that becomes priceless moment for some people.


Baris Jangkang dance in Nusa Penida Festival will be surprise you. For about 1000 traditional dancer will dancing this dance. This dance has the big history behind that you should know. Baris Jangkang dance is a symbol about the valor of soldiers in the past time. This dance will show you about the very graceful movement but full of powerful. This dance also has a very high meaning and value in every part. It also has a very special design that will never available in other Balinese dance. The purpose why this dance is danced by 1000 dancer is to conserve from the old generation to the younger one. This is the good way to make this traditional dance long lasting.

1000 Baris Jangkang dancer will dance by wearing Bali traditional cloth. It will also become the moment for you to know more about Bali. To open this event, the local government will invite our beloved tourism minister and the marine minister. They will open this event gratefully. Besides the Baris Jangkang dance, there will be some agenda that you can enjoy. You can enjoy the Nusa Penida touring like Suana Point, sailboat competition, bulk swimming competition, reef transplants, etc. You can also enjoy the performance from the local band and enjoy the Joblar puppet.


Some preparation is done to welcome the tourism to Bali. This Nusa Penida Festival 2016 will also become the good point as the promotion time. Nusa Penida is the good place in Bali Island. You will never feel enough once come there. For you who love to surf then you can enjoy your surfing skill in this place. Nusa Penida has the good spot for the water sport in this beach. You can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater scenery by doing diving. The blue ocean with the colorful fish and reef will make you so happy.

Remember to take care for the place you visit and let the environment well. You can capture the legend from 1000 Baris Jangkang dancer and share it to your friends. You can also enjoy the traditional culinary that available in that event later. For you who come from outside Bali then you should make you schedule long day before the event. Take the date and enjoy the wonderful Indonesia in Nusa Penida.

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