The Uniqueness of Archipelago Farm Festival 2016

Indonesia is a very rich country that has so many traditional activities that is so unique. On this September 2016, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) has special event named ‘ Festival Tani Nusantara’. This event holds on 23 to 25 September this year. If you love to watch some legendaries group band then you should come to this event. Iwan Fals and Slank is the good performer who will surprise the audience. They will sing some favorite songs on this event. The HKTI ( Himpunan Kerukunan Tani Indonesia ) ask both of super star to come there because they care of the farmer life.

Nusa Tenggara Barat has so many unique culture and tradition. People in this province know well about caring and keeping their environment to stay beautiful. They also know about keeping the tradition to long last. This event will be attended by 15.000 local farmers. The biggest challenge that became an issue today is about keeping the rice fields form the developer who wants to buy it and change it into mall or hotels and other properties. We cannot deny that we absolutely need rice and we should think about the space to make it.


Slank and also Iwan Fals come together to support the local farmer so that they are in high motivation to be the better one. During the events, some agenda will be held on. There will be a good meeting about industrial business, agricultural products, micro products, etc. The visitor can also find more than a hundred stands that will show the product from local farmer and also the culinary.  You can enjoy the traditional food from NTB that will never available in your home town. You can buy some product or food as the souvenir for your family.

Besides that, the farmer will also show the carnival, traditional art from Lombok and some competition. You can enjoy the competition to catch eels, tractor race; duck catch competition and other interesting game. The biggest thing on this event is about grab the MURI  (Museum Rekor Indonesia)  record about the ornamental tractor race.  This event is held in to celebrate the farmer day. For the last activity is about Virgina tobacco harvest as the biggest icon of Nusa Tenggara Barat. This event is the good way to show about the importance of farmer. People need agriculture product in life and we also need the farmer. We should remember that being a farmer is a noble job. We should appreciate them who become a farmer.


Some local and international media also capture for this good moment in NTB. It will become good point to make the tourism more interest to come there. You can try to plowing fields with the buffalo. You can try to help the farmer planting the rice while planting season come. The local people will happily welcome you to do that. The minister of agriculture will be the person who officially opens this event in NTB. Do not wait longer to come and join in every activity.

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