The Marina Gili Gede Finally Get the Permission from Republic Indonesia

The charm of the Lombok Island seemed to have no end. PT Marina Del Rey has already applied for a permit of the construction of a port terminal in the Marina Gili Gede for about 5 years. For 5 years waiting in a very long process, it finally happened that the government of Indonesia officially granted the request. Licenses issues by the government are for the construction of a port for the sake of travel. This port will be available in the western part of Lombok Island. Nusa Tenggara Barat pushes the effort of this port with a purpose.


Marina Gili Gede will be the perfect port in Nusa Tenggara Barat. This port will be the place for the yacht to pass. If the permit of the Gili Gede port is officially done then every yacht that will come there will never through the long process. During the time, all yacht that wants to pass there must pass trough long process that is quite difficult. The agent also has to pay quite expensive for the guarantee fee because they will bring tourists to Gili Gede. The guarantee process is the requirements of the immigration and also customs and excise.


In this port later will be available some space as a place to park the yacht. If the yacht can entered the Lombok Island anytime then it will become the tremendous revenue for the tourism industry on the Lombok Island. The layover for every yacht will be different, and as long as it stays in Lombok then the passengers will do a lot of transaction there. It will give good income for the local tourism and local people also the government of Indonesia. To be the permanent cruise ship crossing, the port must have many supporting facilities. PT Marina Del Rey already has the fix and complete design and the next step is about the fixing construction.

To build this port, the investor from Australia gives the money for about a trillion to make it real. There will be available some resorts, hotels, Marina business center and other facilities in the area of 6 hectares. Some problems are available in fixing this plan but the local government pushes their effort in making this real. Today, the permit is officially got and the process will be run soon. When the Indonesian government eventually had given a decision then the ground breaking process will begin immediately.


Nusa Tenggara Barat has so many potential to be the better and the best province in Indonesia. The beautiful scenery will make every tourist who comes there feel comfort. When the promotion is good then it will give good feedback to this province itself. Lombok is always greeted for every tourist from around the world. You can even feel like your home there. This Island has complete public service place to serve you from your first day until your last day. When the Marina Gili gede is completely done then it will give more value for this province and also for the local people.

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