Fastboat, Ferry or Traditional Boat?

If you want to go to Lombok or Gili islands from Bali, it means you need to have a reliable transportation option. All of us know that Bali – Lombok – Gili islands are separated by straits, namely Lombok strait. That is why, there are some different options of transport available serve people who want to cross from Bali top Lombok and Gili islands.

The first most popular option is by plane. There is an international airport in Bali called Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are some flights to Lombok International Airport every day. The flights from Bali to Lombok is quite fast, which is only 40 minutes. However, you need to continue the trip by boat if you want to go to Gili islands. The location of the Lombok international Airport is also quite remote; it is about 1 hour 20 minutes from the harbor where you can find fastboat service. That is why, airplane is not a popular option, especially if you want to go to Gili islands from Bali.

Most tourists who go to Lombok and gili islands from Bali choose water transportation, which boat. At least, there are three different types of boat available, which are fast boat, public ferry and traditional boat. Each of those three offers different pros and cons, so you need to understand about it to know which one is the best for you.



Fastboat is the most popular option amongst tourists who want to have Bali – Lombok – Gili islands trip. Fast boat brings some benefits that cannot be found in the other two. Fastboat brings a better convenient and safety because it is operated by private companies. Each boat is well-maintained in order to attract tourists to use it. Most fast boats are new and have completed with complete accommodation. Crossing with fast boat is so comfortable and fast because of its speed.

However, fast boat charges higher. Some operators offer a very high price to any passenger because their boats have been completed with special accommodation. You also need to book fastboat service before you can depart because usually, boat operators provide pick up services directly to your hotel.

Public Ferry


This is also a popular crossing option. Different from fastboat, the size of public ferry is bigger and slower in speed. Most ferry departs from Padang Bai, which is the largest harbor in Bali. Because of its size, public ferry also brings cars, trucks even busses. However, if we try to compare the speed, public ferry is much slower than fast boat. Generally, you will need to spend about 4 to 6 hours to reach Lombok Island. The accommodation of ferry is also in a lower standard than fast boat. However, the price of ferry is much lower than fast boat.

Traditional Boat


The last option you can use for your Bali – Lombok – Gili trip is traditional boat. Traditional boat is available in some different types, but most of them comes as traditional small boat with small engine. Many tourists choose traditional boat because of its convenient and freedom. It is easy to find them, because many of them depart from Padang Bai harbor in Bali. Most traditional boats are not following strict schedule, which means it will go to cross the Lombok whenever they have full passengers.

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