The Great of Gili Air

One of the next places that we will discuss is the Gili Air. This is the most favorite from 3 big favorite islands in Lombok. Those three islands are famous with the beaches. No one can deny that Lombok has super beautiful beaches that will successfully make us fall in love. When you come to this destination, you will have so many chances to visit perfect destination that will show you the best underwater scenery. Some of the underwater animal that you can find is like colorful fishes, seahorses and also turtles. They have many different color, size and shape.

Traveling to Gili Air will never make you disappointed. This place takes place right in the middle of the sea. It will give you time to enjoy the beauty of the sea indefinitely. The majority of it local people are Bugis and Sasak. You can find them as a tourist guide and also fisherman. This part of Lombok Island is visited by international tourist from many countries around this world. They love to come there during July to August. In this island, you can find complete public service. You can stay on the village, cottage or 5 star hotel and enjoy some good food in the restaurant. When you want to come to this island you have to use speed boat for about 25 minutes from Bangsal port.


Every detail part of this island will make you surprise. You can even through the Rinjani Mountain and see the perfect beauty green scenery. The most favorite and interesting activity in this island is driving a bicycle along the coast. You do not need to bring the bicycle by yourself. You can just rent the bicycle and use it all day long to enjoy this island. Local people will help you to guide about it.

When you come to this island, you can visit this 5 most favorite spot. They are Frogfish Point, Air Wall, Segaluh, Air Slope and Malang Reef. Those favorite places will give you wonderful experiences. You can enjoy the underwater scenery freely. Make sure that you do not hurt every single ecosystem that available there. Keep them as good as possible so that next time you come again the condition will be the same. Those places have good spot for snorkeling or diving. You can bring the equipment or rent it there. For you who love to surf then you can enjoy the big wave. You can wait until the big waves come and surf as usual.


The side of the beach can become a good jogging track. Many tourists that come there always enjoy their natural exercise there. They love to enjoy the fresh air and the blue ocean water during the exercise. For them who have some breathe trouble then can do the same exercise side the beach to have better condition. When you want to do snorkeling or diving, you can ask some help from the guide. They will guide you along your journey to the deep of the sea. You do not need to get worry. You can still enjoy the underwater scenery although you cannot swim.


The local government really keeps the fresh air and the natural of this island very well. They do not permit any machine vehicles inside this island. That is the reason why when you want to travel around it you may use the bicycle or rent a Cidomo. The purpose is to keep the natural situation stay well and away from the bad pollution. Gili Air is all about beach, natural and beauty. You will never feel bored while staying on this place.

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