Beauty and Fascination from Sanur Beach Bali

Most people must have heard about the beauty and appeal of Sanur Beach, located on the island of Bali. This beach is located in Denpasar region, more precisely in the eastern part of the city of Denpasar, the capital of Bali province. From Ngurah Rai Airport, you can use a car or other transportation to reach the coastal tourist area. Transport facilities in the area are complete enough so that you do not need to worry to reach the beach. There is a variety of vehicle rental services or travel agents will help you. Additionally, you can also use public transportation to get to the beach.

One of the charms of beauty offered by the coast in the eastern part of Bali is the charm sunrise so it was no surprise when the beach area is also known as the sunrise beach. This is contrary to what you can enjoy when in Kuta Beach, better known as the sunset beach. The beach is not only famous in the country alone but is already very global, so you can find many foreign tourists who come and visit the beach destinations.


Sanur Beach has waves and the water is quite still and clear. This is one of appeals that makes a lot of tourists are attracted to come there. However, for lovers of surfing, the beach is apparently not being the right choice. Not far from the beach, you can find a dive and snorkeling very interesting and safe enough for the beginner or professional. With the ocean waves that were friendly enough, you can feel safe to enjoy diving in the area.

Besides the beauty of the sunrise, you can also do some other activity at the beach area so you can enjoy your holiday with fun. You can enjoy the sea walker. This activity should be tried to do at the beach although the price required is also quite expensive. In this case, you can discover new sensations and experiences in feeling how to walk in the water. This activity is also known as Marine Ocean Walk. Additionally, you can also enjoy the culinary tourism in the region. You can find some Balinese food menu available by the beach. These activities may look simple, but you can find a very pleasant sensation especially when you are on vacation with friends, family, or spouse.


As one of the many tourist destinations recommended when visiting Bali, Sanur Beach area is already provided various facilities for accommodation and lodging that could be an option for visitors to rest. Price as well as the facilities available is so diverse that you can customize to your exact needs and budget. Moreover, this time there is a lot of convenience to access a variety of information that you need so that your holiday be better planned and enjoyable.

Indonesia has many tourist destinations that can be selected to fill the leisure time with friends or family. You can prepare for the holiday by well so that your holiday can be more enjoyable and running smoothly. In fact, for those of you lovers of backpacking, you should not hesitate to explore the archipelago because today there are many accesses that will allow you to enjoy traveling. If you want to vacation in Bali, you should not miss to enjoy the beauty and charm of the sunrise on Sanur Beach that is located in the eastern part of Bali.

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