Beauty and Exoticism of Gili Trawangan

For the lovers of traveling, Gili Trawangan seems to be one of the attractions to be visited. Many people express that beauty offered in the region is more exotic than what we can get on the island of Bali, which is one of the tourist destinations are Indonesia. One attraction owned tourist area in Lombok island landscape is still very natural and clean so many tourists feel comfortable to enjoy a holiday in the region. In addition, to enjoy a holiday in this region also do not cost too much either for lodging, food, or other services compared to some of the tourist destinations in the surrounding areas, especially Bali. For more details, you should not skip some of the following explanation.

The island is known as Gili T by most of the tourists has a panoramic beach very charming and exotic. As far as the eye can see, you can see a mix of blue skies, glittering water of the sea, as well as the coastline with white sand that is very charming. Additionally, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset there because the island has beaches facing east or west. Each beach has a distinct charm. The east coast is more crowded with tourists or locals because the beach area is located near the pier. This is different from the atmosphere in the western coast. The beach is deserted. However, you can perform various activities on the beach began to relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the beach, walks around the beach, or otherwise.


Besides the beauty of the scenery in the island, Gili Trawangan also presents the beauty of the underwater world charm that is very intriguing. The seawater in tourist areas is very clear so you can easily witness the beauty and marine life. You can do snorkeling or diving around the island. You can watch a variety of beautiful fish and coral reefs with a variety of colors and shapes. This activity is one activity that is fun to do during the tour in the region.


One thing that is very different with what you can get in Bali is an atmosphere and environment that exist on the island. Tourist area in Lombok presents a very cozy holiday atmosphere, free from congestion and pollution-free vehicles. When you are in the area of the island, you will not find their vehicles because these area managers provide for the prohibition of motor vehicles to operate on the island. Transportation that are used in the region is a bicycle and Cidomo which is typical carriage of Lombok. It could be a very comfortable holiday and refreshing where you can get fresh air supply anywhere and anytime without having to worry about the pollution.


Of course, not only the natural beauty and comfortable environment that will make you feel at home for a vacation in this region. This tourist area inhabited by the locals was very welcoming and friendly to every visitor who comes. When you do not know the direction to go to the inn or destination you need, you should not hesitate to ask the locals you meet around. They will not hesitate to help orientate would even be ready to take you. Some of the things that make the region Gili Trawangan are able to provide traction and charm for every visitor.

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