Enjoying the Beauty of Tiu Candi Waterfall at North Lombok


You may not be too familiar with the tourist area of Tiu Candi waterfall that is located in North Lombok. North Lombok better known by several dyke, apparently also has some interesting area of waterfalls and exotic like a waterfall Spring Gile, Tiu Kelep, and Tiu Candi. Compared to the other waterfall, Tiu Candi is not yet known many tourists as the region is unspoiled and maintained its authenticity. If you have plans to vacation destinations to nature, you should make the waterfall area in the village Sambik Elen, District Bayan, North Lombok such as a list of destinations that you will visit.

Tiu Candi itself is taken from the name of stone at the top of the waterfall is so solid withstand the blows of the flood during heavy rain or the brunt of cold lava of Mount Rinjani. In addition, the existing natural contours in the waterfall area are also in the form of rocks similar to the temple. Some rocks are composed and impressive as the building of the temple. The condition is not too steep rocks that can be easily accessible to the visitors who come to the tourist site.


Unlike access to go to some other waterfall area, even though this region has not been widely known and unspoiled it has an easy road access to be passed by. The streets to reach the waterfall area are steep so that visitors could not be more comfortable to get to waterfall area. From Mataram, you can travel around two ages to get to the Tiu Candi waterfall area. In this case, you use a car or motorbike. The entrance to get to the waterfall is near the village office Sambik Elen. Near the entrance gate, the local community has provided a parking area for visitors. After arriving at the entrance, you will not have to walk too far to get to the location of the waterfall. You may only need to walk about five minutes.

Uniqueness in the waterfall area is the twin waterfalls are separated by a stone. In addition, the site also features a natural pool of natural stone just above the waterfall. Right above the pool there is a slide of rocks that will provide a fun and interesting experience when visiting the waterfalls this one. Waterfall in Sambik Elen Village does have a height that is not too high at around 20 meters. In addition, this waterfall also has other unique waterfall that contains sulfur, which is good for skin health. Many visitors take advantage of this waterfall as one of the media’s treatment of skin problems.


The waterfall is located in North Lombok is perhaps not too popular today because of the lack of promotion done. However, the local government will strive to be able to make this waterfall tourist area as one of the mainstay tourist destinations in the district so that can give positive effects for the economy of local people. However, for those nature lovers who still beautiful and natural, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the waterfall tourist area in the village Sambik Elen, Lombok. Being in the area of Tiu Candi waterfall will make you find the sensations and experiences that are unique and different.

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